Imagine cheering in the stands as your child scores a goal to break a 1-1 tie. Or strikes out the final batter to win the big game. Now think about how much more you would enjoy the victory if you no longer had those lingering doubts about would happen if your child’s pacemaker got hit with a ball.

That’s exactly the reason why PaceGuard was developed. To offer better protection, peace of mind, and the ability to participate in physical activities with greater confidence.

Miles in the U.K dreamed of playing English football. On the other side of the world in Argentina, Gino also longed to play football. He told his mother he would prefer to die than never achieve his dream. In California, Ellie was already a budding soccer star and thought she might never play again. Mikey from Kentucky played football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring but feared he would be sidelined from all three. And Peter hoped to captain his high school soccer team in Pennsylvania.

Thanks to a little girl named Zoie, whose name means life, her mother Sharon, and her neighbor Frank, children,
teens, and adults all around the globe are now enjoying the benefits of sports, activities, and everyday life while potentially reducing the risk of injury.

our story

Young Zoie had a pacemaker implanted on her third birthday. A few years later, Zoie wanted to play softball just like the other girls in her town. Her doctors wanted her to wear some type of protective gear but didn’t know of a specific product and suggested a catcher’s vest. After her first game and questions from both teammates and parents about what was under her uniform, she wanted to quit. Not only was it cumbersome, she was very self-conscious and embarrassed. Sharon asked her neighbor Frank Armstrong, Certified Athletic Trainer, for his help. With his many years of experience as an athletic trainer, along with his engineering background, he was able to create a customized protective guard for Zoie’s pacemaker site that was discreet and effective.

After several years of research, development and perfecting the design, PaceGuard was born. Since then hundreds of “pacers” have benefitted from this truly remarkable device.

To hear Zoie’s story in her own voice, watch her video on the history tab of our website. And to learn more about Miles, Mikey, Peter, and Ellie, visit our testimonials page.

our design

PaceGuard was designed with the fundamental theories of engineering and physics. Our design is comprised of a high impact resistant material and an energy absorbing material to both shield and dissipate the energy away from the pacemaker site. The custom compression fit shirt that secures the PaceGuard utilizes the latest technology in moisture management, U.V. protection and anti-bacterial fabric allowing the body to keep dry and comfortable during any type of activity.



  • Thin, light and discreet--Weighs 3 oz. and measures 4 inches in diameter
  • Velcro® fastening allows for adjustable placement over implanted site
  • Fits children and adults


  • Micropoly/lycra blend for moisture management, U.V. protection and antibacterial fabric
  • Custom-made interior pocket; guard is placed in it securely and directly over the implant device
  • Machine washable (guard is easily removable)
  • Custom orders for right-sided and abdominal-placed implanted devices
  • Children and adult sizes


  • Feeling of security for the pacer and/or parent of young child
  • Comfortable, lightweight, small, and secure which allows for mobility
  • Confidence-enabling the pacer to lead a “normal” life without feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious
  • Designed to withstand an impact from a baseball traveling 70 mph

The PaceGuard® System - “ PLAY FOR LIFE ”

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